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jet-set SESSION

For independent solo(ish) travelers who were
ready to go yesterday

You know you're ready to go. But where? For how long? Is it safe? What do I really need?

You're two steps away from a one-way ticket to freedom, but have burning questions that need answers. Because this is not college spring break in Cabo, or a bachelorette in Vegas, or that family reunion in Illinois.

No, this time, it's all about you, becoming more you.
And using travel as a tool to get you there. 

You have permission to do it your way. 

But the thing is, everyone is different. Your needs, desires, timeline, interests and budget is what makes you unique. This should be celebrated, not ignored.

In this 60-minute session we'll get to the bottom of it, so you can leave knowing the best hidden gem destination for you. Plus, you'll get clarity about the flight plan, route map, what to pack, what to leave, where to spend (and save) money, how to make money, and all the  questions taking up way to much mental space.

It's a mix of logistical advice and emotional support during the beautiful, messy, raw transition. 

If you are swimming in uncertainty, we'll bring clarity to the shores. Because you can have travel, freedom, and that rogue life—without feeling like you're totally crazy, or going crazy in the process. 

Welcome to the road, full of simplicity, ease, and no-more overwhelm. You got this. 

  • 60 minute call

  • Personalized destination

  • Wild Roguebook Community Facebook Group to meet + connect with other women living the rogue life.


  • Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Packing List

Price: $129


21 days to one-way  

For the girl whose between jobs, looking for a move/six-month soiree overseas, or honestly just bored with life. 

You're not here to fit societies mold for you. 

You're not married, buying a house or even serious with your job. You've always wanted to travel because you know it challenges you and makes you a well-rounded person. FOMO for you isn't about last friday night, it's not ever doing the thing you wish you did the moment your age starts with a four. 

You're ready for a drastic change. As in, more than a two week vacation.

You're ready to sink into a place. Let it seep into your skin. Let it change you. You want to go far, and stay long. Find a whole new meaning to slow travel.

Since the internet is a thing, maybe you want to start a business online, or work in a different country, or go somewhere where you could afford to not open an email for a month (this exists, too.)

You're done with the grind and are ready for an experience that will change your life forever. One that will change the fabric of you. You want to come back a different person, test your limits, move beyond your comfort zone and show yourself how strong you really are. More than getting into the world, you’re ready to get into yourself. But what are your options? How do you get started?

This is about letting go of perfect, leaving expectations behind, and deep-diving into yourself, using travel as a vehicle to get you there.

You'll leave with your 21-day game plan. Everything you need to do before leaving, and what happens once you actually get there. We'll go through all the options for work, accommodation, flights, packing and more.

I truly believe major changes like this are possible—without the stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It's about finding ease, joy, and simplicity in the process. So you can get rid of the (mental and physical) clutter, and create space for creativity and clarity. 

You'll learn how to edit your life according to you: everything from where to go, how to pack, and what to do once you're actually there. 

I'll give you rituals and routines to keep you centered even in the trying times, and wellness tips for even the worst jet lag, and homework to dig deeper to yourself in the process. Because this whole traveling thing, is more than getting drunk on the beach. It's an avenue to become more of the person you already are.  This process will help get you there. 

  • Three 60 minute calls
  • Personalized hidden gem destination
  • Wild Roguebook Community Facebook Group 
  • Route Map + Flight Plan


  • Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Simple + Easy Packing List
  • Flight Map Worksheet

Price: $489